Trond Thorrud

Founder of the Bija Organization. Trond has his background from sales and finance. He has started up several call centers in different cities and companies in Norway. He worked with management, recruiting and training as well as coaching of sales people, team leaders and managers. In 2011 Trond shifted from working in Finance to humanitarian work. He spends most of his time working with the organization. He believes that helping others is one of the most important values in life. Follow Trond on Facebook  LinkedIn  and Twitter


Alexander Carls

Alex started working in advertising agencies and product design offices. After some time in the Himalayas he felt an urge for more purposeful work. "This world is ready to reconnect to it's nature in order to evolve. Everyone can contribute to this in his or her own way. Driven by spontaneous right action I joined Bija Organization as a full time partner. When everything comes to it's place, you will simply do what's necessary."