Bija's sponsors come from diverse backgrounds. Here are some:

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Juru has sponsored Bija Organization’s Yoga for Children with PVC free yoga mats. The project was arranged at Jayangonda Vinayagar Thodakanilai Palli -JV PRIMARY SCHOOL in Nachiarpuram, Tamil Nadu, India. Thank you so much for the support!

Fristed Arkitekter has sponsored four families with Bija’s Aquaponics systems. They wish to continue helping the underprivileged families in India by sponsoring one family monthly, with one system. Thank you so much for your support!

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Hemington has sponsored two families with a Bija Aquaponic IBC system. Thank you so much for your support!


Gecko Invent AS has sponsored two families with a Bija Aquaponic IBC system. Thank you so much for your support!

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Lo-klubbene i akastor

LO Klubbene i Akastor have on multiple occasions supported Bija and our projects. Thank you so much for your support!

“Vi er imponert over alle prosjektene Bija Organization bidrar i. Spesielt bekjempelsen mot fattigdom og plastforurensning” -Stian Sjølund.

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Berit Bjerknes

Berit has extensive experience from various management roles in Hewlett-Packard Norway, Telenor and CatalystOne Solutions, and has been counselling managers, HR and senior management nationwide, in the Nordics and in global projects for many years.

"Det å støtte fattige unge jenters grunnleggende behov og utdannelse, som fører til selvstendighet på sikt, treffer meg midt i hjertet." Berit Bjerknes

Ole Enger.png

Ole Enger

Currently Chairman of the Board of five Norwegian industrial companies. He was, for many years, CEO of the solar company REC before he became chairman in Rec Solar after the company was split. Previously, he was President and CEO of Sapa and Elkem. In addition, Enger has held a wide variety of board positions, including chairman of Borregaard and board member of Kværner and Norske Skog. Ole and his wife Reidun Enger were the first people to sponsor Bija Organization and they are still a major contributor.

“Flott at unge mennesker tenker utover Norges grenser og er opptatt av de store utfordringer verden står overfor“ Ole Enger

Therese Bull-Engelstad.png

Therese Bull-Engelstad

Former handball professional and junior national team player Therese Bull-Engelstad played two seasons in the big leagues in Spain for the club Mar de Alicante. She also has several seasons at the top level in Norway, including for Stabæk and Gjerpen. In addition, she played eight games for the junior national team of Norway. Therese was one of Bija Organization’s first sponsors and supporters. 

"Jeg ønsket å bidra fordi Bija er en organisasjon med handlekraft til å gjøre en stor forskjell i verden. Jeg tror det nytter!" -Therese Bull-Engelstad

Thorleif Enger.png

Thorleif Enger

Thorleif Enger was named one of the top 10 business leaders after World War II in Norway, by the finance magazine Kapital. He was CEO of Yara from 2004 to 2008. Mr. Enger has also been chairman of the board and chairman of other large companies such as Telenor, HitechVision, and Marine Harvest. He has also released the book titled "Thorleif Enger». Mr. Enger has supported several NGO’s over many years and was also one of the first to recognize and support Bija Organization.

" Imponert over ditt initiativ og ditt prosjekt som jeg med glede støtter" -Thorleif Enger


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